Things to Know About Air Compressors

AIR.PNGThere are lots of industrial buildings all over the world today. This is because these industrial buildings are the ones that help our world survive. They are the ones that do all the hard work when it comes to utilities at a regular basis. Now there are different kinds of machines that are always found inside industrial buildings. One of those machines is called an air compressor. Air compressors are basically present in every industrial building or operation that there is today since they are really important. They are also the ones that consume the biggest amount of electricity or energy inside an industrial building as well. When it comes to the types and operations that are done by air compressors, there are different kinds of them and they are used for different purposes as well. Here are some of the different kinds of air compressors that people need to know. Now before that, people should know that there are two classifications when it comes to air compressors and these are the dynamic and the positive displacement type. These are the two basic classifications of air compressors but they still have sub groups as well. There are too many of them to explain but we are going to talk about a few of them that are often used. The first one is the reciprocating air compressor. This is probably one of the most common air compressors out there. This type of air compressor generates compressed air through the help of back and forth movements of pistons that are installed inside a cylindrical chamber.

There is a fixed amount of air that is compressed by each movement of the pistons inside the chamber and they also have a specific pressure as well. Another type of air compressor is the dynamic type air compressor. This type of air compressor uses velocity as a means to generate compressed air. Basically, it is powered mechanically. Last but not the least is the rotary screw compressor. This kind of compressor is the one that creates compressed air by compressing it with the use of two screws that rotate inside a casing. These are male and female screws to be exact. So there you have it, those are some of the many things that people need to know about air compressors and why they are very important when it comes to industrial operations. See air compressor industrial